PPC account audits

"Once you know the map all routes become clear". - Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit

Maybe you don't need somebody to manage your PPC Advertising.  Maybe you just need an expert's opinion just to double check that you are going into the right direction.

Many companies contact me just to Audit their PPC Accounts.  If this is what you are looking for, you can contact me and we will go through your PPC Accounts and I'll tell you all the things I think that can be improved.

You don't even need to give me access to your PPC Accounts.  Just a Skype Session with screen sharing will do. We can also use a software for Remote Access like Team Viewer so I can temporarily access to your computer while we have our Skype call (don't worry, it's totally safe).

Or, if you want to use any other approach for the Audit, just let me know and we will do it in any way you consider best.

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